Smoothies are the drink

of the future

A smoothie is a mixture of fruits, vegetables, berries, and other ingredients in one mixer, in one blend, in one cup.

What smoothies are good for

The value of smoothies lies in their simple and ingenious composition. Fruits, vegetables, berries, herbs and superfoods are placed in a blender cup. All of this is ground up with water or plant-based drinks, and then poured into glasses in unfiltered form. Why is unfiltered so important? The fact is that all fruits and berries contain naturally occurring sugars. When making direct-pressed juice, we get water in which these sugars (glucose and fructose) are dissolved. All the rest of the fruit, the so-called cake, goes in the garbage.

Consuming such a concentrated solution invariably raises blood sugar levels, there is a sharp release of insulin, which sometimes leads to negative consequences for the body as a whole. Studies of human psychology and physiology show that the use of products with high sugar content has a devastating effect on mood, activity, the amount of vitality and performance. Depression and "chronic fatigue syndrome" are not uncommon just because of an incorrect high-sugar diet.

Smoothies for weight loss

In order to make a proper smoothie, you need to follow the three-part rule, which states that a dish should consist of only three parts-ingredients.

The first part is liquid.

Water, fresche (specifically fresche, not store-bought juice), green or herbal tea, plant-based milk - from nuts, rice, spelt, sesame or coco

The second part is the greens.

Lettuce or spinach leaves make a great base for your smoothie, as they are neutral in flavor. More colorful ones are mint, molasses, parsley, arugula and dill, as well as kale.

The third part is favorite fruits and berries.

They will add sweetness or sourness, freshness or softness to the drink. Nutritionists also recommend adding superfoods to smoothies: flax or chia seeds, goji berries, sesame seeds and spirulina.

For smoothies, it is better not to use such products:

Goat's milk and cow's milk. The combination of milk and fruit is a difficult experience for the stomach.

Sugar, sugar syrup and any ready-made topping. To sweeten the dish, use honey, maple syrup (it is natural), bananas, dates or other seasonal sweet fruits and berries: persimmons, peaches, melon, raspberries, blackberries, etc.

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